October’s surprising sales momentum carried into the first three weeks of November, and shows no sign of slowing fast. While slightly off last year’s pace, October sales notched the auto industry’s second highest selling-rate of the year, fueled by aggressive incentives on aging inventory.

As we move toward year-end, expect more of the same. Car buyers are poised to take advantage of what should be the strongest factory program of the year. Herein lies the challenge: Every dealer, with any budget to speak of, will be competing for that business.

Oh, to be a consumer at this time of year. The “normal” exposure to advertising impressions (about 2,000 per day) nearly doubles during the Holiday season. So now, more than ever, it is imperative that your message cuts through the clutter. Whether it’s radio, TV or any digital platform, your ads should be unique in the market, the message must be concise and relevant and the creative- memorable.

That’s where we come in. Regardless of brand and whatever the medium, Vision Media delivers creative that delivers results. Check out these amazing year-end campaigns and stuff your stocking with a little extra “jingle” this year!

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

“Keep a Little Jingle”

Why compete with retailers for Holiday cash? Show your customers how they can get that new vehicle, without spending a dime! This one is fully customizable to work with most Factory events or on its own.

Digital Assets

Available on all Vision Media campaigns.

“Final Year-End Countdown”

This campaign combines the visual creative you need to get noticed, with the urgency to make customers respond! Perfect for the week between Christmas and the expiration of Factory programs on January 2nd.

“Mission to Save”

The perfect creative tie-in for a Nissan dealer or any store that wants to capitalize on the biggest blockbuster movie release of the year! This campaign is super fun and customizable to suit any offers.

“A Holiday Tale”

Want to tell your year-end saving story in book form? We’ve got that! Vision Media’s “Holiday Tale” campaign is perfect for markets where the “other guys” are screaming! Sometimes a whisper works best.

“Year-End Clearance Sale”

When you’ve got an offer worth making noise about, we can help! This is a good, old fashioned, high-impact sales event, intended for short-term use. When you need to generate door swings fast, pull out this big gun.

“Unwrap the Savings”

A feel-good event for the Season that seamlessly complements any Factory event or can stand alone with your custom offers.

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