Coming off generally flat sales in September and with October trending down 4% Nationally, we expect the year to end strong. With aging vehicle inventory near 75 days, and levels at their highest since 2009, Factory incentives will remain aggressive as we enter November. We anticipate an even bigger push from Tier I to clear this inventory before year end—and dealers should reap the benefits.

As you plan your year-end marketing push, keep in mind that the already distracted car shopper is now inundated with even more holiday ad messages—and is focused on balancing big-ticket purchase decisions with fulfilling their families’ “wish lists!” Don’t compete. Become a solution. Defer payments until after the Holiday Season. Consider online gift cards as added-value incentives. Give a new Xbox with a new X-tra cab pick-up! You get the idea. Create value. And because everyone will be pushing price/payment throughout Q4, make sure you make a strong, singular “why buy” statement to stand out in the sea of sameness.

Vision Media can help you get noticed in November! Our combination of creative themes and automotive marketing strategies are exactly what you need to wrap up 2017 with a bang! Let us show you what an integrated, cross-platform ad strategy can do for you—in terms of success and cost-effectiveness, versus a multiple vendor solution.

Here are a few of our event suggestions to help you make this a “No Excuses November!”

Grand Finale Sales Event

A great way to move out the ’17s, with a touch of class! Vision Media’s “Grand Finale Sales Event” cuts through markets where “screamers” dominate.


Say “YES” to Big Savings, “YES” to low payments, say “YES” to practically anything this month—and car shoppers can’t say “No!”

Black Friday Weekend / All-Month Sale

As a single weekend sale or a month-long event, this campaign can get your sales back in the black! And don’t forget “Cyber Monday!”

NO Pay November

As the name implies, your customers put NO money down, make NO payments and pay NO interest during “NO-vember!” Consider a free furniture or free TV tie-in, as well.

FINAL Model-Year Countdown

Let your audience know that this is simply their last chance at the last of the ‘17’s! We’ve carefully worded this sale to be coop compliant for OEMs that do not allow the word “Clearance.”

Fall Kick-Off Sale

Fall is all about the new model year—and football. Don’t sit on the sidelines! Get into the thick of the action, with this hard-hitting “Fall Kick-Off” campaign from Vision Media. The energized soundtrack and powerful graphics command attention on TV and digital.

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